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Crowns and Bridges


Dentistry by Design specialises in both routine and aesthetic dental treatments. Our professional dental clinic in Balmain offers patients expert dental treatments that are both general and complex in nature such as dental crown procedures. Dental crowns and bridges are prosthetic devices that our proficient dental surgeons routinely fit. Having a tooth crown or dental bridge put in is a complicated procedure that requires the skilled, steady hand of a trained dental dentist. At Dentistry by Design, our dentists are internationally renowned and have years of experience in installing dental bridges in Sydney.

What are dental crowns and how do I know that I need one?

A crown tooth is a prosthetic device that is fixed or cemented to a tooth, teeth or implants. Only a dentist can remove a crown as is the case with dentures.

A ceramic crown is installed to fit over or ‘cap’ a damaged tooth which may be brittle, painful, or unsightly. The dental crown covers the tooth, making it stronger and improving its appearance, colour and alignment. Dental crowns can also fit on top of an implant for structure and function.

Dentistry by Design specialists will carefully match the crown to the colour of your other teeth to create beauty and uniformity. Crowns are made of porcelain but in some cases, alloys like gold, metal, or acrylic, might be chosen. Because Porcelain bonded to a metal shell is a strong and attractive choice, dentists often use it.

The qualified, caring dentists at Dentistry by Design might suggest crown teeth when a:

  • Large filling needs to be replaced, and there isn’t enough tooth remaining
  • Weak tooth needs protection from fracturing
  • Fractured tooth needs to be restored
  • Bridge needs to be attached
  • Dental implant needs to be covered
  • Discoloured or poorly shaped tooth needs to be covered
  • Tooth that has had root canal treatment needs to be covered

What is a dental bridge and how do I know that I need one?

If you are missing one or more teeth, one of our expert dentists might recommend a tooth or teeth bridge. As the name suggests, a bridge helps to ‘bridge’ the gap between missing teeth and spans the length of the space where the teeth are missing. Bridge teeth are fixed or cemented to the patient’s natural teeth or implants on either side of it, and can only be removed by a dental dentist.

When it comes to crowns for teeth, Dentistry by Design dentists will guide you in choosing the right material needed for the crown depending on its function and aesthetic requirements – with porcelain being the most commonly used material. During the tooth crown process, all dentists at Dentistry by Design are trained to match the crown and bridge to the colour of your other teeth for beauty and uniformity.

A qualified, caring dental dentist at Dentistry by Design might suggest a dental bridge when:

  • Tooth or teeth are missing, and there are significant gaps left open
  • A patient has a bad bite due to shifted or rotated teeth from an open gap
  • Other dental problems arising from missing teeth, such as gum disease or temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorders.

If you’re wondering about dental bridge costs in Australia, call the experts at Dentistry by Design on 02 9810 5507 today. If you’re in need of teeth crowns or dental bridges, trust us, the leading crown dental surgery in Sydney.

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