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Qualities of a good family dentist

Qualities of a good family dentist

Choosing a dentist or dental practice for your family is an important decision to make. One that requires you to take the needs, fears and wishes of the entire family into account. Some family members may be particularly fearful of dentists and will need a caring, calm dentist, while others may need very specialised treatment and will require a highly-skilled professional.

Choosing a dentist that can be all things to everyone is no mean feat, but according to Dentistry by Design, there are a few particular qualities you should look for when searching for a great family dentist.

Qualities to Look For When Searching for a Family Dentist:

They have the right qualifications

Firstly, you should find out if the family dentist you would like to choose has the relevant qualifications. Find out if the dentist is professionally licensed and able to practice formally. You should also inquire if they are up-to-date with the latest technology, methods, equipment available.

They care, and so do their staff

A great family dentist will be able to offer you and your family an exceptional caring and competent service, as will his or her entire dental team from the assisting staff to the receptionists. A good family dentist will take the time to get to know you and your family and understand your oral health needs.

They offer well-rounded, transparent advice

A good family dentist will always take the time to explain the procedures you and one of your family members might require and explain it thoroughly. They will allow you to ask all the relevant questions necessary and will welcome them. A good family dentist will take you through any procedures step by step and be open and transparent about the costs. They will also be happy to discuss any fears or areas of anxiety related to the procedure too.

They come with good references

Any good family dentist or dental practice will come with several good recommendations. Word of mouth is often a great way to judge whether or not a family dentist is a great one. Ask your friends and family if the dentist is well-experienced, well-qualified and most of all caring.

For a family dental practice that ticks all the boxes and can assist you with a range of general dentistry services as well as specialised treatments, call the professionals at Dentistry by Design now on 02 9810 5507.