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Tips on choosing the right dentist

Tips on choosing the right dentist

Choosing the right dentist for you is a very personal decision that will depend on quite a few different factors. Overall though, the right dentist for you is someone who makes you feel safe, secure and well looked after.

At Dentistry by Design, we are dedicated to offering our patients professional, caring dentistry services, but we understand that no two patients are alike. It’s also important to know exactly what kind of treatment or procedure you’re looking for before deciding. Are you looking for a nearby family dentist for you and your family? Are you looking for a well-qualified dentist specialising in restorative or cosmetic dentistry procedures? Alternatively, are you looking for a dentist that does it all?

We’ve put together some tips on how to choose the right dentist for you:

  1. Local is important

    Finding a dentist close to your home is quite important, as it’s highly unlikely that you would want to travel for miles and miles for treatment. Start by finding out about the names and details of local dentists in your area. It’s important to find out if they offer emergency services or after-hours calls as a start too.

  2. Word of Mouth

    Word of mouth can be the best form of advertising, so ask your family, friends and even your trusted online community whom they would suggest for the type of dentistry treatment you need. Word of mouth will often give you a great indicator of good dental practice and people will be brutally honest about their experience. You can also browse online to see if the suggested practices have any reviews, good or bad.

  3. Ask questions

    By now, you should have a few dental practices to choose from, and it’s time to start vetting them. Phone the practices and ask about the dentists who work there. Ask questions like what experience do they have? How many years have they been in practice? What are their qualifications? Any transparent, good practice will be happy to share the dentist’s credentials with a potential new patient.

  4. Schedule a consult

    Schedule an initial consultation with the dentist you’ve chosen to meet them and assess the practice in person. When meeting with the dentist, don’t be afraid to ask all the questions you have on your mind. Does he/she allow you to ask anything? Does he/she put you at ease?

  5. Referrals are important

    When meeting with the dentist, ask for referrals whom you can contact. You are also welcome to ask them to show you before, and after photos of procedures they have done, particularly the procedure you may be interested in undertaking.

  6. Pre-medication or sedation

    Visiting the dentist may be a very daunting experience for many; thus the most significant part of their decision is choosing the right person. Patients want to know what kind of pre-medication or sedation a dentist offers for particular procedures. Ask the dentist what pre-medications they offer, like nitrous oxide or numbing injections? Ask if they provide sleep dentistry or sedation dentistry if you are particularly fearful of the pain.

  7. Assess the entire practice

    When meeting with the dentist, you should not only assess the person but the practice as a whole. Are the reception and assisting staff welcoming and friendly? Is the entire environment calm, caring and does it give you a sense of security? First impressions count.

  8. Full disclosure of costs

    An excellent dental practice will be able to give you a detailed breakdown or estimate of the cost of a particular procedure or treatment. Whether you need a general check-up or are looking for Invisalign treatment, ask for full disclosure or quote on the fee they would charge. Also, find out if the practice recognises the healthcare plan you are on – if this pertains to you.

Overall, choosing the right dentist who specialises in the treatment you are looking for is vital. If you need specialised treatment, don’t go to a dentist who only performs general procedures but instead choose a dentist who is a specialist in the field you require.

If you need help in deciding on the right dentist for you, call the professionals at Dentistry by Design today on 02 9810 5507, we’ll be glad to help.