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Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening Service in Balmain

Teeth discolouration and staining is a relatively common problem. Teeth are porous and therefore not stain resistant. Red wine, cigarettes, softdrinks, curries, tea and coffee, among other food and drinks, contribute to the discolouration of your teeth. Medications containing antibiotics which stain your teeth may result in yellow, greyish teeth. Teeth can become permanently stained if the discoloration is not treated. Brushing alone can’t brighten teeth dulled by years of exposure to discolouring agents. Teeth whitening is the process where teeth are bleached to lighten the shade. There are many benefits of teeth whitening, including attractiveness, youthfulness, and a perception of healthy teeth and lifestyle.


Please note that Zoom!™ may not be suitable for everyone. This includes people who are sensitive to light, such as those those undergoing PUVA therapy or other photochemotherapy, patients with melanoma, patients taking light-sensitive drugs, or patients with strong gag reflex or anxiety. Please consult us if you have any concerns.


Whitening is unlikely to cause serious side effects, although some people’s teeth may become more sensitive for a short while. You may get mild gum irritation. Women should not have their teeth whitened while pregnant. While the effect of the whitening materials on the development of the foetus is not known, as the procedure is cosmetic, it should be postponed until after delivery.

If you have tooth decay or receding gums, whitening may make your teeth sensitive. Also, whitening does not work on ceramic or porcelain crowns or veneers.

For more information about teeth whitening, please contact us.